We guarantee to make you the best humanized antibody

We have been delivering humanized antibodies since 1987 and our expertise is used by the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

The antibody humanization technique we use (CDR grafting) was developed at the MRC giving our scientists unrivalled knowledge about this specialised discipline. We are the only company offering an antibody engineering service who have humanized antibody drugs on the market, including Keytruda®, Tysabri® and Actemra®.

  • No antibody - no invoice!

    Unlike our competitors we continue to applying our proven experience until we reach the optimum humanized antibody candidate. What’s more, we believe in payment by results; we will deliver the best candidate and you don’t have to risk wasting time or money.

  • Adding value

    We offer other engineering services such as affinity maturation and biophysical characterisation.

  • Our track record

    We have humanized more than 55 antibodies.

    Our development work has already delivered four marketed drugs: Keytruda®  (pembrolizumab /MK-3475), Tysabri®, Actemra® and Entyvio®.

    A further five are in clinical trials with another two in preclinical studies.

  • AERES Biomedical

    (Please note that AERES Biomedical, a subsidiary of MRC Technology, has  ceased trading. MRC Technology now handles all antibody humanization services directly).